Sunday, June 13, 2010

Xplosive Mode

Feel like i had to give my skaters something to watch and after searching you-tube for a good 30mins or so i stumbled upon one of the best skate/music videos i have seen in my years. None of that skaters doing ollies in slow mo or little kids in helmets faking it in this one but it takes a while to get into the action. Enjoi!

Music by: UNKLE
Directed by :Spike Jonze
Skating by: Lakai Skate Team 09

-Y.T Flin$tone

Friday, June 11, 2010

TalorGang or Get Hanged

Why not? I mean this man has been killing the internet for a good two years now and he deserves to live the life of "Rich" a modern day stoner. And his Catch Fraze and swag this man has is undeniable. Just watch the vid!

-Y.T Flin$tone

Hitting Close to Home

Well i mean come on its my first post and why not still all the glory, off the up and comming Ep "The Rainy Day Fund"-
Y.T Flin$tone